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We Share Success (WSS) is the Affiliate Central of the Unicorn Network. WSS manages all of the Success Sharing business opportunities from our network of online and offline businesses, and provides one location for our Affiliates to easily stay informed and organized. WSS will always be FREE to use, and is dedicated to the Success of all of our Members.

Members can participate in various activities in our Unicorn network of online and offline opportunities in order to collect free DEALPoints, and even earn commissions by becoming an Affiliate Member for FREE. All free members in WSS start automatically at the Basic Membership Level. At this level, Members may collect DEALPoints, and any other Basic Level Reward and Family Bonuses for your Member Activity.

Free Basic Membership
Free Basic Members Collect FREE DEALPoints. Basic Members can use the collected DEALPoints to redeem Great FREE Deals at the FreeShoppingClub, and to participate in prize draws, games, and other various activities as they become available.

Basic members do not have to upload a POI, nor are they eligible to receive cash rewards.

No, it is absolutely FREE to be a We Share Success (WSS) Affiliate.

It’s simple and FREE to become a We Share Success Affiliate! Simply fill in your profile information with your real full name, date of birth, and address. Then upload a proof of identity (POI) in the box marked “YOUR MEMBERSHIP STATUS”. Your POI should be an official government document, and should have a real photo and current address information which matches the information you put in your profile. 

You should scan a utility bill that has your current address (no more than 60 days old) and add it to your POI in the same document so it is just one file to upload. Contact Support if you need assistance.

If your name or address changes after your official POI is uploaded, then you should simply update your profile information with the correct new information. There is no need to upload a new POI. If needed, WSS Support will contact you to request your updated POI and the reason for the change.

No, there are no fees or purchases required to earn as a We Share Success Affiliate.

When you are logged in at We Share Success, visit the “Affiliate Area”, and then click the “Affiliate Instruments” button. Then click the button for the Opportunity that you want to promote, and you will see the various types of promotional materials in the boxes displayed.

To find your invitation links click the button “Promotion & Inviting”. It is available on the Dashboard page right after log in, and also on the Backoffice page in the “Affiliate Area”.

Look for the box marked “Affiliate Opportunities” when you are logged into We Share Success.

ABSOLUTELY! We are constantly searching for new ways to help our Family of Affiliates find greater Success. Make sure you check back often to keep up to date on all the new stuff, and to be among the first to reap the rewards.

Once you have collected more than 50 USD on your account, you will need to set up your account for cashout. In order to do this, you must sign up (if not already a member of 2P4Y) and verify your account with our payment processing partner, 2Pay4You ("2P4Y") via this link (www.2pay4you.com\cbm_register). There is no fee to set up your account for cashout. Once your account is set up and verified with 2P4Y, then whenever your account has 50.00 USD or more available, you are free to cashout your available funds at your discretion.

DEALPoints are a free reward collected by Members for doing select activities throughout the Unicorn network of websites. In We Share Success, look for the box marked “PARTNER SITES TO COLLECT DEALPOINTS” for an easy way to navigate to all of our sites where you can currently collect DEALPoints. There is no limit to the number of DEALPoints a Member may collect and collected DEALPoints do not expire. DEALPoints hold no cash value and may not be bought, sold, or redeemed for cash.

DEALPoints may be redeemed for many activities throughout the Unicorn network of websites including FREE SHOPPING, prize draws and games. Once you have collected at least three-hundred (300) DEALPoints, you may use your collected DEALPoints to redeem “Free Shopping” items in the Free Shopping Club (www.freeshopping.club) or PerfectPages (www.perfectpag.es). Any applicable shipping cost is included with every redeemed "Free Shopping" item.

The Unicorn 5-Generation Family Bonus is part of our Success Sharing Phenomenon.Whenever someone joins WSS or any of our sites through your personal invitation referral link that new Member is placed in the first generation of your Unicorn 5-Generation Family; this same linking continues 5-generations deep for all members invited through personal referral links of another linked member.

Badges are a free reward collected by Members for doing specific activities through the Unicorn websites. Each different Badge corresponds with a specific activity and reward benefit. Badges are collected by calendar month. For each consecutive month a specific Badge is collected, the color of the Badge will change once re-collected in the new month to reflect the consistent activity of Member.

Profit Instructors are trained sales and marketing professionals. If you have sales and marketing experience, we would love to have you apply. Apply directly here:
Be sure to include your CV and experience in your application.

We NEVER share your data with ANY third party. When you use our search engines none of your data is collected. It is always YOU who decides what you want to share - GUARANTEED! Read our Privacy Policy for complete details.

Find your WSS Support Here where you will have a list of countries, and Country Managers (CM) information. CMs may not be available in all countries, so if yours is not available, then find a CM who speaks the same language as you.
For a prompt answer, members are advised to check the FAQs first.