The Unicorn 5-Generation Family Bonus is part of our Success Sharing Phenomenon.Whenever someone joins WSS or any of our sites through your personal invitation referral link that new Member is placed in the first generation of your Unicorn 5-Generation Family; this same linking continues 5-generations deep for all members invited through personal referral links of another linked member. In order to activate any rewards and bonuses associated with the Unicorn 5-Generation Family Bonus Program, the Member must collect the corresponding Badge for the activity being rewarded and/or fulfill any additional requirements for the specific Prize Draw. Check the terms of each site for more information.
For Unicorn 5-Generation Family Bonuses, the Member receives 10% value of the reward amount that the active member collects anywhere within their complete Unicorn 5-Generation Family, this continues for a total of 5-generations up from the active member receiving the reward or applicable bonus. For example, in Unicorn you collect the S-Badge for searching and another active member within your Unicorn 5-Generation Family collects DEALPoints for searching as well; the active member collecting DEALPoints for doing the searches is rewarded 100% for their activity (i.e. 2.5 DEALPoints for doing 25 searches) and you receive 10% value of the collected reward amount that your linked member received (i.e. .25 DEALPoints); this continues for a total of 5-generations up from the active member collecting the reward with all qualified directly linked members within their Unicorn 5-Generation Family being rewarded 10% value of the collected reward amount based on each member's individual qualifying activity.